The Godzilla Gender Debate is a debate amongst fans about whether or not Godzilla (1998) is a male or female.

Facts and claims[edit | edit source]

In-movie universe states Godzilla is male[edit | edit source]

The universe in the 1998 film states several times that the creature is a "he", thereby a male.

Dean Devlin confirms Godzilla as male[edit | edit source]

Dean Devlin has also confirmed that Godzilla was a male and not a female.

Asexual creature[edit | edit source]

Some fans claim that because the creature is asexual and lays eggs then the creature must be a female, although it has already been confirmed that it is an asexual male. It is common among reptiles to lay eggs without having to mate with each other. Also Nick Tatopoulos said the animal could possibly reproduce asexually.

Counter Argument:

Only female reptiles can reproduce through parthenogenesis, eggs are always the female gamete meaning if Godzilla lays an egg, she must be a female.

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