American Godzilla film series character
Official name Reptilians
Country of origin USA
Official nicknames
  • (no nicknames)
Fan nicknames
  • (no nicknames)
Species Mutated Dinosaur
Length (unknown)
Height (unknown)
Weight (unknown)

Atomic/Nuclear Breath:

  • (no breath)

Other abilities:

  • Excellent runner
  • Tentacles in their mouths used to capture prey.
Origins New York City


Distribution New York City (USA)
First appearance Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)
Latest appearance Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)
Created by Fil Barlow in 1997-1998

Reptilians were dinosaurs mutated by the Tachyon aliens and used as guard dogs. The creatures appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode Leviathan.

Film appearancesEdit

Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)Edit

Leviathan (episode)Edit

Genetically bred from several different species of dinosaurs by the Tachyon aliens, the Reptilians served as guard dogs for the Leviathan spaceship. When a group of scientists uncovered the Tachyon signal being transmitted from the sunken spaceship, they dove down to investigate. Once they entered the ship, they were attacked and captured by the two Reptilians, who then took the captured scientists to their alien masters. Days later, H.E.A.T. arrived to investigate the scientists' disappearance and were also ambushed by the monsters, but they were able to escape. When the ship was flooded, it is believed that the Reptilians drowned.

The making of the ReptiliansEdit

Conceptual artworkEdit

Artists Fil Barlow and Helen Meier were in charge of the conceptual artworks and designs of the creatures of Godzilla: The Series.


  • One of the Reptilians was originally supposed to appear in the Monster Wars trilogy in which it was supposed to attack Las Vegas and then after being freed from the Tachyon's control, it was supposed to fight Cyber-Godzilla and be killed. It was scrapped from the final version of the saga for unknown reasons.
  • Since one of the Reptilians was originally supposed to appear in the Monster Wars trilogy, it is possible that one, or both, may have survived the flooding of the Tachyon spaceship.


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