American Godzilla film series character
Official name Giant Mutant Spider
Country of origin USA
Official nicknames
  • Giant Mutant Widow Spider
  • Giant Spider
Fan nicknames
  • (no nicknames)
Species Giant Spider
Length (unknown)
Height (unknown)
Weight (unknown)

Atomic/Nuclear Breath:

  • Web

Other abilities:

  • Extreme power
  • Can reproduce asexually
Origins Canary Islands

Canary Islands, Monster Island

First appearance Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)
Latest appearance Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)
Created by Fil Barlow in 1997-1998

Giant Mutant Spider was a nemesis mutation of Godzilla (Junior). A monster Black Widow that lived in Palma. It laid millions of eggs, which threatened to overrun the country. H.E.A.T. was called in by the White House to investigate the exponential reproduction of the spiders, and discovered a giant black widow that was laying the eggs. Godzilla fought the creature, but was distracted by H.E.A.T.'s signals, allowing the spider to cover him in webbing and escape. Soon the team found a chemical which was toxic to the spiders, and paralyzed them with it. The creatures appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode Web Site. It is possible that the Giant Mutant Widow Spider and its young were taken to Monster Island since it was just paralyzed, not killed.

Film appearancesEdit

Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)Edit

Web Site (episode) (May 8, 1999)Edit

The making of Giant Mutant SpiderEdit

Conceptual artworkEdit

Artists Fil Barlow and Helen Meier were in charge of the conceptual artworks and designs of the creatures of Godzilla: The Series.


  • The Giant Mutant Spider is similar to Toho's kaiju Kumonga.
  • The Giant Mutant Widow Spider appeared in the promo art for the The Monster Wars Trilogybut did not actually appear in the trilogy. Strangely, she appears in the promo art even before his first official appearance in the episode Web Site.


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