Best of Godzilla
Release date 1998
Distributed by Bandai

Best of Godzilla is a set of toy products released by Bandai. This set was issued to coincide with the release of the US Godzilla in Japan in 1998. There are 5 boxes in the set and each have a diorama base with a name tag and background objects. The name of the figure inside is printed on the top of the box. Some of the plastic such as the fins, action elements, crystals and some buildings are made of transparent plastic. The left side of the box shows three of the sets, while the other side shows the other two sets in the series as well as a text block. In the first box there is a US Godzilla and baby, in the second box a Godzilla and Mothra Larva, in the third box a Godzilla and Ghidorah, in the fourth Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra Larva, and in the fifth Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla. They all come with a bag of candy. The back of the box shows all the sets together.[1]

Set containsEdit

Godzilla 64, Rodan, Mothra LarvaEdit

Godzilla 94, SpaceGodzillaEdit

Godzilla 98, Baby GodzillaEdit

Godzilla, King GhidorahEdit

Godzilla, Mothra LarvaEdit



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