American Godzilla film series character
Godzi stl 8 h
Other names AmeriGoji, GINO, Godzilla 1998, Zilla
Length 100-200 meters (adult)
Height 60-90 meters (197 feet) (adult)
Weight 500 tons (adult)
Origins Nuclear testings in French Polynesia
First appearance Godzilla (1998 film) (as Godzilla)
Latest appearance Godzilla: Oblivion (as Zilla (IDW))
Created by Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich and Patrick Tatopoulos

This article deals with the Godzilla-design created in 1998 and used in later official installments in the Godzilla-franchise. For the Japanese counterpart, see: Japanese Godzilla

American Godzilla (or AmeriGoji) is a name that specifically refers to the Godzilla-creature/design that was created by Patrick Tatopoulos, director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin in 1998 for the American blockbuster film Godzilla. The name is also used for later incarnations and creatures based upon this monster, such as Zilla from the 2004 film Godzilla: Final Wars and its rebirth as the IDW Zilla in the 2013 comic Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. Previous attempts at making American Godzillas in the 1983/1984 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters 3-D and the 1994/1996 film Godzilla failed for different reasons. A new American Godzilla has yet been set to rise in the 2014 film Godzilla, but which is more commonly referred to as the Legendary Godzilla.

Film appearances

Godzilla (1998)

Godzilla 2 (cancelled)

Godzilla 3 (cancelled)

Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

Television appearances

Godzilla: The Series (1998-2000)

Video game appearances


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The American Godzilla is another interpretation of the Godzilla character that was originally created by the Japanese company Toho Co., Ltd. and the creature was therefore named as "Godzilla" and is named Godzilla in its own fictional universe by the American company TriStar Pictures, but in Toho's universe there is their own version named "Zilla". The name is a Japanese alternative name of the American Godzilla and is shared with the creature/character Zilla created in 2004.

Biology (in universe)


Sounds and roars

The American Godzilla has a very distinct roar and special sounds, the roar itself is a new and modern or imrpoved version of the Japanese Godzilla's roar.
GODZILLA® (1998) - The Official American Godzilla Roar

GODZILLA® (1998) - The Official American Godzilla Roar


Despite the origin of the American Godzilla being herbivorous marine iguanas eating seaweed, modern marine American Godzilla-iguanas are carnivorous and feed on fish. This is probably due to mutations and changes in habitat caused by French nuclear tests in French Polynesia, the origin and birth place of the creature. These drastic changes in the marine iguana probably had the evolution of the animal to force it to choose another more plausible choice of food, especially when it gets larger and finally becomes the largest animal on Earth and needs more to eat in order to survive. The choice of eating fish probably also contributed to the marbulous intelligence of the creature.

The creature Zilla seems to feed on meat, and especially on human flesh. However, the Controller Xilian says (in the Japanese version) "I knew that tuna-eating lizard was useless.", which probably means that Zilla also eat fish such as tuna.


The American Godzilla is evidently a very intelligent creature as proved by its actions in the films. In Godzilla (1998 film), when Godzilla attacked New York City, the creature outruns the military's Apache Choppers and make them believe they killed him but the creature then sneaks up behind them to take them all out. Later, when the military tried to lure out the creature for the second time, the creature did not fall for it, but escaped. The military tried to follow it, but it dived into the Hudson River, and there it dodged submarine missiles and tricked them to hit the submarine itself.


American Godzillas are known to build nests, either for themselves or for their young. The first Godzilla built a nest on land in Madison Square Garden where it later laid its eggs, while the son of the first creature, also called Godzilla, made a nest in a cave on the sea-floor of the Hudson River.


American Godzillas are asexual animals, meaning no matter the gender the creature can still reproduce without mating with another one of its species. The animals are also egglayers which can lay up to hundreds of eggs at a time. Although there have been one case where an individual of the species was sterile, and thereby was unable to reproduce on its own. The sterile creature however once found a female of a different lizard species and genus (the Komodo Dragon Komodithrax) and served as an adoptive father to the female's one single egg. This caused the sterile Godzilla to become more protective and thereby more aggressive against humans and other animals.


American Godzillas are great diggers which are able to rapidly dig through almost any ground, including for example solid rock, soil, concrete and city streets.


American Godzillas are also great, fast and agile swimmers.


The description of the American Godzilla is something that makes this animal species very iconic.

Atomic/nuclear breath

Main article: American Godzilla atomic breath

Atomic breaths

Different American Godzilla atomic breaths; 1)Godzilla's Power Breath; 2) Animated Godzilla's Power Breath in form of a Green Fire/Flame Breath; 3) Cyber-Godzilla's Power Breath in form of a Blue Fire/Flame Breath; 4) Zilla's Acidic Fire Breath.

The atomic/nuclear breath of the American Godzilla is a controversial subject and the breath is different in every individual.



Eye of an American Godzilla.

Main article: American Godzilla eyes

The eye of the American Godzilla species are a very distinctive characteristic. Their orange/yellow/red color and white pupil gives the eyes a very unique eye color and look.

Head and neck

The large head is distinctive because of its square/rectangle-like shape and its protruding lower jaw. The head is then attached to the large neck which on the upper part (leading down to the back) is covered in smaller dermal spikes.


Skin color scheme0

Four types of skin color schemes that are typical for American Godzillas.

The skin color scheme of the American Godzilla usually consists of a greyish-black-blue color but can also have traces of brown, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, white, silver, bronze and gold.



The American Godzilla species originated in the French Polynesia during French nuclear testings.

Presumed extinction and survival

The species was presumed extinct after the 1998 incident where the first American Godzilla and its babies were killed by the US military in New York City. But one egg survived, leading to the survival of the species (there are two alternate sequels, Godzilla 2 and Godzilla: The Series, which tells two slightly different tales). Yet another American Godzilla (Zilla) turned out to live in Sydney, Australia, but this one has an unknown origin and was killed by an individual of the Japanese Godzilla species. Although this creature might exist in an alternate universe.


Name Description Appearances Other names Notes/Picture
Godzilla The first Godzilla and the father to Godzilla Junior who is seen briefly in the beginning of the pilot episode and which is mentioned by HEAT and the military from time to time. Godzilla 1998, The First Godzilla, Cyber-Godzilla
Godzilla animated
American Godzilla
Baby Godzilla Baby 'Zillas
Baby Godzilla Concept Art0
Orginal Baby Godzilla
Juvenile Godzilla
Godzilla The only surviving offspring of the first Godzilla that attacked New York City in 1998. Due to Nick's presence at his hatching, Godzilla has imprinted on Nick as his parent. As a result, Godzilla is very protective of him, and Nick has the ability to control him to a certain extent, which allows the humans to use him as a weapon against other mutated monsters. He also has the power to sense when Nick is in trouble. Unlike his biological father, he is incapable of asexual reproduction, yet capable of breathing radioactive fire and relentless in any fight, much like the Godzilla from the original franchise. Godzilla Junior, Zilla Junior
Cyber-Godzilla A cyborg created from the body of the first Godzilla. Evidently inspired by Mechagodzilla. The creature appears in two of of the Monster Wars episodes. The First Godzilla, Godzilla, Cyber-Zilla
Female Godzilla A scrapped female version of Godzilla. She was replaced by Komodithrax. Cancelled character. Komodithrax
Female Godzilla
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False American Godzillas and related creatures

Name Description Appearances Other names Notes/Picture
Chameleon Created by Cameron Winter from a combination of Godzilla's D.N.A. and a chameleon's D.N.A. Like a real chameleon, it can change its color to blend with the surroundings.
D.N.A. Mimic A shapeshifting creature capable of turning into a facsimile of anything it touched, including humans. Inspired by the short story Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell.
24mimic elsie1
Komodithrax A mutant komodo dragon that fell in love with Godzilla. It can breathe blue fire. Female Godzilla

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