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• 11/2/2017

Godzilla? Zilla? is a part of the new Anime Godzilla universe.

New novelization and prequel of the upcoming Anime movie, 怪獣黙示録 (Kaiju Mokushiroku: Monster Apocalypse) tells that Zilla? and babys joined global monster attacks.
Not being more tough as a monster, it is possible to defeat by volley of normal weaponry. However, matured individual is fast and agile, and babys are too strong to defeat by bare hands. Reproducing asexually, drastic hunts not miss a single eggs or hatchlings are required for ultimate defeat.
Not only the overwhelming numbers, they display highly evolved group tactics where babys move as decoy to support surprise attacks by adult. As a pack, they are very dangerous, becoming formidable foes even to armored forces in street battles.
First encounter was by an army to take back Europe from monsters nearby Rouen, defeated the monsters by volley of Masers and Railguns. Characteristics such as being bipedal and fins caused humanity to misidentify as Godzilla and the world was overjoy to hear the defeat of
Godzilla. Revealed to be a different race soon after, Godzilla of France was reclassified and processed as Zilla, but ultimate defeat is very severe because of breeding capability and group tactics, forced humanity to consider the usage of nuclear weapons.
Not sure how many individuals appeared as a whole.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 11/21/2014

Acidic Flame Breath

Is there a citation for the acidic flame breath from ''Final Wars''?
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• 3/7/2014

"Godzilla: The Series" - Soon on DVD!

Godzilla-fans, brace yourselves! On March 6, 2014, announced that Mill Creek Entertainment will finally release the praised and long-sought-for Godzilla: The Series TV-show on DVD on April 29, 2014. The upcoming DVD-release is to be titled "Godzilla: The Series - The Complete Animated Series" and will feature all 43 episodes (including the 3 unaired episodes) of this greatly loved giant-monster-fighting animated series based upon the blockbuster film Godzilla from 1998.

DVD cover of "Godzilla: The Series - The Complete Animated Series". Hope everyone is excited over that this great TV-show is finally released in a complete version, unlike its four previous DVD-releases (Godzilla - Monster Edition, Godzilla: The Series - Monster Mayhem, Godzilla: The Series - Mutant Madness, and Godzilla: The Series - The Monster Wars Trilogy) which featured merely a few episodes of the show. The next thing we'd expect would be a Blu-ray release of this complete series, although that is probably something we won't see in the near future.
Read more: Announce GTS DVD on facebook
Godzilla: The Series - 'The Complete Animated Series' Box Art Confirms All 40 Episodes
Godzilla: The Series - Mill Creek Schedules 'The Complete Animated Series'

Pre-order GTS - The Complete Animated Series DVD on Amazon
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• 2/19/2014

Should this wiki include Japanese Godzilla content?

Like the title states, should this wiki change a bit and include articles and categories for the Japanese Godzilla and its associated films, characters and monsters? How would that work and how would it affect this wiki and its already established content? I see the poll on the main page has 61.11% positive votes, 27.78% negative votes, and 11.11% who doesn't have an opinion on this yet. If you have any interest in this question, please participate in this discussion and help make this wiki a better place for everyone. And as long as you keep an honest, civilized and respectful behaviour, any answers are very much appreciated!
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• 12/6/2013

The Wiki Is Taking Form

Okay, it seems like during about one year this wiki has grown up a bit and became considerably better compared to how it was just a few months ago, and I know I will continue to improve this wiki to make it more reliable and welcoming for more fans, and I hope to see more and more fans discover this and contribute to this wiki to make it even better. We've already got about 500 articles and almost 3000 images and about 150 videos, so, it is certainly growing. Hope to see this site will become even better by the end of 2014. Happy editing folks!
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• 11/13/2013

Investigation: Rumor of American Godzilla in Godzilla: Monster War

There is a rumor that the American Godzilla or Zilla supposedly was a playable monster for a limited time on a Wii version of Godzilla: Monster War. Does anyone know if this is true or not?
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• 12/15/2013

Investigation: Godzilla-USA in Maximum Impact

I'm starting this thread to find out if Godzilla-USA really is featured in the game Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact or if it is just a false rumor. So if anybody knows anything about the monsters that are featured in the game then please, it would be appreciated if you could provide that information here.
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• 11/8/2013

The Godzilla 1998 Database Returns Announcement

Joshua Duncan, the creator of the "Godzilla 1998 Database" (… ), has earlier in the last month (on May 31, 2013) expressed his ideas on the future of the database after its most recent offline period, in his own words "I do have plans to bring it back.", and he recently (on June 6, 2013) left us AMERICAN GODZILLA-fans with this messege (… ):
"Godzilla 1998 Database will be back very soon here is a list of what to expect..
- More High Quality Content
- Focus on quality than quantity
- Website will be slimmed down, leaner
- Re-making content, new Posters and stuff that looks official and not fan-made or amateurish. Which is a standard I try to maintain.
Possible end of the summer or early fall release."
He has requested that we repost this to other fans and let them know what's coming.
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• 10/3/2013

Investigation: Zilla in "Godzilla: Unleashed"

I quote (from the Zilla-article):
"There is some speculation about whether or not the American Godzilla (in this case Zilla) was supposed to have been included in the 2007 video game Godzilla: Unleashed, although most claims are doubtful and unverifiable.
There is a rumour about an interview where it's announced that Zilla was considered to become a playable monster during the game's early stages of development but was scrapped because of a lack of popularity,[1] which could appearantly be seen and confirmed on Japan's website. This claim is as of now unverifiable and doubtful.
A preview of the game provided by Worthplaying and written by Geson Hatchett on November 13, 2007, speaks of which monsters are going to be seen in the game and mentions "Godzilla 2000 (along with that horrid American '90s one that all Godzilla fans try to forget).[2] This article even spawned a discussion about whether or not the former statement in the article was refering to the American Godzilla or the Godzilla from the Heisei Era.[3]
There was also a rumour about a screenshot of the game showing Zilla and Gigan fighting on Monster Island.[4]
There is also a claim that "if you use the cheat 204935, and then play all the levels that unlock monsters correctly (like playing as an earth defender in "Rumble in the Surf" and smashing a glowing building)" you should be able to unlock characters like Zilla, King Kong, Godzilla Jr., Gamera, Battra, Monster X, and C-rex. The person who claimed this also stated that on the source website for this information, 67% of the people who tried the cheat claims that it works.[5] The source website was probably, but currently, despite that the site doesn't mention the cheat code, the percentage of people rating this cheat code as good is now 61%.[6] it is currently unconfirmed whether this cheat actually works or not."
Now the question is, is any of this true? Does anybody know anything about this or are we going to classify this as myths?






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• 9/29/2013

Investigation: Pre-2004 Bandai Zilla Toys

Does anyone know if there's any truth to the claim by a YouTube user that there was "officially Toho licensed Bandai toys labeled Zilla supposedly released in 1998-1999"? To me, it seems like it was just a lie, and it will be classified as such unless someone can bring forward proof for the opposite.
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• 9/29/2013

Japanese Godzilla articles

I'm not sure whether the articles about the Japanese Godzilla are really necessary to have on this wiki or not, since the wiki revolves around the American Godzilla. I'm considering removing the articles and let them stay on the sister wiki, The Godzilla World Wiki (which is only about the Japanese Godzilla and its universe and no other kaiju/giant movie monster-related themes or franchises, only Godzilla).
The articles I'm refering to then are Japanese Godzilla, Godzilla (2004), Godzilla (2001), Godzilla: Final Wars and Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.
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• 9/29/2013

If you like Zilla and S.H Monsterarts figures...

Some Godzilla fans are forgiving Zilla for what it has done.
There's a petition for a S.H Monsterarts Zilla figure.
I think it would be awesome. Even though I don't actually forgive Zilla yet.
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